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Good Morning Mr. Bright…”

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“Bright is a tremendously gifted
vocalist who can croon in a clean,
pure-toned tenor or a raspy growl
with equal effectiveness.”
Dan Bolles – Seven Days”

“Silent Mind may perform as a
solo act, but his new album, ‘Good
Morning Mr. Bright,’ is in many
ways a community project.”
Sam Heller – The Vermont Cynic”


 During a 28 day silent retreat, Jamie Bright launched a crowd funding campaign to help finish his 3rd full-length record under the name Silent Mind. After a 7 year hiatus from recording as a front man, he returns with a well intended vision for his music and life, and it’s evident on first listen how much he’s grown.

10% of the money raised during the silent campaign was donated to charity and every album sold continues to help bring assistance and awareness to homelessness and women dealing with cancer.
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